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anti-corruption-technology Anti-Corruption technology in eProcurement

A number of recent reports have highlighted higher-than-expected levels of fraud, corruption and collusion in procurement activity within the EU and specifically in the UK.   A European Commission¬†Anti Corruption Report¬†found that, across the EU, 43% of firms believed that corruption is a problem when doing business generally. In the UK, 15% of firms highlighted […]

corruption Going after the Small Guy

Why go after the small guy who asks for paltry sums? This is the question one is asked when one speaks about retail corruption in India. Though retail corruption in India is huge and has angered many Indians, after the ‘corruption event’ is over and forgotten, a certain sympathy crops up for the ‘small’ guy […]

oped-lobbying--621x414 A case for lobbying in India

Lobbying is arguably one of the most controversial activities in modern democracies. Lobbyists provide governments with valuable policy-related information and expertise but if the activity is not transparent, public interest may be put at risk in favour of specific interests. India currently does not have a law to regulate lobbying. But recent corruption scandals involving […]